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“Dark and absolutely riveting…flawlessly paced and suspenseful. This taut tale of horror provocatively keeps the reader waiting for final revelation as an eerie juxtaposition of good and evil is revealed. This is a winner.”


The Prairies Book Review

“A Gothic tale of horror with a touch of fantasy, Roseneath reads like a beloved book from your childhood that you've just rediscovered in your mother's attic. McSwain's prose is poetry, smooth jazz, and oftentimes charming even when describing the darkest terrors. In the tradition of The Yellow Wallpaper, Flowers in the Attic, and Rebecca.”


James Renner, author of The Man from Primrose Lane

“After suffering a devastating loss, a young couple hopes to build a new life in an old, abandoned house, but find instead that they’ve bought a living nightmare.…an unsettling, psychological terror that slowly builds into a nightmarish crescendo…something that’s unexplainable, supernatural, and evil on a level that’s difficult to comprehend. Replete with lyrical prose and bone-chilling horror, Roseneath is a twisted, grotesque haunted house story.”


Indie Reader

“Horror readers will welcome Roseneath for its engrossing story of slowly-building horror…a solid literary horror page-turner that makes Roseneath a highly recommended pick for genre readers looking for exceptional works based on more than just heart-stopping surprises and supernatural encounters.”


D.Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

"Amazing… McSwain uses her poetic voice to paint a portrait of a couple… and the true demon they have to fight…." 


Brendan Whitt, screenwriter and author of A Summer in Harlem and When The Crows Come Home

"In the basement of Roseneath, an archangel wept."
Georgia Pritchard's dream house has a dead child in the attic and a monster in the basement but she can't tell her husband because she's not sure it's really him anymore. Roseneath is a fantasy horror novel by Dana McSwain.
An engaging yet bone chilling tale that makes you wonder why would a person not listen when the people in the community tell you that the house is haunted.Georgia's character is a bit sad, but we get to see this loving motherly side to her that gives this story a bit of a contemporary touch in the midst of the eerie chaotic events happening around her.
The writing in itself is chaotic as the character conscious and subconscious minds battle of out for a seat at the head of the table. (Read to understand why.) ...a definite must read if you are still into horror and all things horrific, however it all depends on your level of tolerance to the genre because it might be mild for some and frightening for the others. Me? Scared of a fictional story? No!
But you want to know what I did once I read this book? I put Holy Oil on the front door, just in case. "

Rated 8/10 -Melina Christine Lobo

Melis's Book Reviews Instagram 

Roseneath is a horror novel written by the author Dana McSwain. The protagonist of the story is Georgia. She lives in an old home with her husband Nathan Pritchard. As the story progresses, we see Georgia finding solace in a little dead girl named Edith whose body was hidden in the attic. Georgia secretly go down the staircase of Roseneath to play with her or to read to her. With the beast, the monster in the basement, the horror increases.

The story is intriguing and I couldn't put the book down. I binge read it. It felt like I was watching a horror movie. The cover page of the book showing the front gate of the haunted house Roseneath is something that I like. After reading this book, I won't be able to go to basement alone especially at night.

𝗠𝘆 𝗥𝗮𝘁𝗶𝗻𝗴: 4.5/5

Oswin, Sassy_39 Instagram Book Reviewer

The writing is so mysterious and so thrilling and the paranormal and ghostly elements they just fitted in so perfectly that you get immersed in the settings and premise of the story. If you are into dark – ghost stories with sharp characters and interesting plotline with many breathtaking scenes, this is your book, go grab it. 
_Rutuja_Ramteke_  Instagram Book Reviewer

Additional Praise for Roseneath

Roseneath grabs you from the first page and pulls you deeply into its world of miracles and terrors. Dana McSwain deftly weaves together genres while delivering shocks that land with the force of a punch to the chest. The pacing is intense, the characters are richly developed, and the dread is palpable. It's a modern gothic horror that is impossible to put down, even after you’ve finished reading it.”


David Genzen, host of the “Little House on the Scary” podcast

“McSwain is a vibrant new voice in gothic horror, exploring old-world themes of good and evil with a modern, paranoiac twist. Her prose is at once lush and sinister, a love letter to language, and it often had me swooping between nostalgic lows and giddy, terrified highs within the same paragraph. I feel equally in love with tensile Georgia Pritchard and her shadowy husband, Nathan, and wished there was a way I could have witnessed their story unfold through my fingers like I was watching the very best horror movie.  Roseneath made me gleefully afraid of many, many things, including: basements, mirrors, flowers, ghosts (which...fair), childbirth, greenhouses, and my own spouse. I can't wait to see more from this author!”


Sydney Kalnay, young adult fantasy author

“Georgia and Nathan Pritchard, desperate to outrun their grief after a heartbreaking loss, place all their hopes and dreams into a gorgeous but neglected old Victorian home called Roseneath. What they could not know is that Roseneath is the site of an ongoing battle between good and evil and the Pritchard’s dream home soon becomes a waking nightmare. Georgia finds secret solace in a little ghost girl named Edie whose body was hidden in the attic. Below, Nathan has claimed the basement and greenhouse as his domain. That is, until he is called away for work. Alone in the house, Georgia’s reality becomes something of a fever dream in which time is meaningless. As her situation becomes more desperate, Nathan is trapped in his own nightmare, lost to both himself and Georgia. Can they save each other or are they destined to be lost to the darkness that dwells deep within Roseneath? With writing so lush, lyrical, and reminiscent of fairy tales and epic adventures, the horror of the story sneaks up on you at times, catching you off guard while reminding you of the evils lurking in the basement of Roseneath. Roseneath will lure you in, enchant you, and leave you wary of basements and unable to ever look at a rose bush the same way again.”


Megan Alabaugh, librarian

“From the moment we are plunged into the mysterious and intriguing prologue of Roseneath, it’s clear that this novel will be something else entirely - if you want a breezy beach read, you’ve come to the wrong place. The curtain is pulled back just long enough to reveal a glimpse of death, ancient betrayal, the literal forces of good and evil clashing behind it before snapping back to introduce the reader to Georgia Pritchard. Having suffered tremendous and unspeakable loss, we meet her as a haunted shell of the bright and hopeful mother-to-be she had been just weeks before.  Her devoted and equally heartbroken architect husband, Nathan, struggles to find a way to lift her from her despair and build a bridge across the chasm that has formed between them.  He thinks he may have found the answer in Roseneath, a sprawling and long-neglected Victorian estate just begging to be restored to its original beauty. And at first it seems to work - each of them discover something secret and compelling within their new surroundings that takes their mind off their sorrow and hints at a fresh start, a viable and promising future.  But not all that glitters is gold, and as Georgia and Nathan plunge blindly ahead on the paths that have opened before them, the darker forces manifesting those paths begin to make themselves known. But is it too late for them to turn back? Sometimes the only way out is through, and never is that more true than in Roseneath. A breathless and exhilarating ride that takes the reader through time, space, hell and high water; we discover that the bonds of love can never be too strong, and the fire can never be hot enough.” 


Lindsey Emery, bookworm and cereal aficionado, insurance agent by day, dope and powerful witch by night. 

“From the very first page of Roseneath, I wanted to know more of the Pritchard’s story, rooting and fearful for them at the same time. I caught myself speaking to them as if I was watching this gothic horror tale unfold right before my eyes and was so swept up that I was not able to put the book down.  If you enjoy gorgeous prose, being surprised by the unexpected, and fearful that good will not overcome evil, pick this up and read Roseneath immediately. Also…there’s some David Bowie.”


Jeanne Lady, literary aficionado

Roseneath is a gorgeous, crumbling, old mansion in Ohio and the setting for a story of young lovers, archangels and demons, and a little ghost girl from the past. McSwain paints a vivid picture, building immediate suspense in this story that references architecture, Lewis Carroll, and fun slang from a bygone era. We may delight in time spent with a ghost in the attic, but make sure to avoid Roseneath’s creepy greenhouse. And most definitely do not go down into the basement where Evil dwells. Oh frabjous day! Calloo Callay!”


Kristin Schrader, book lover

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