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Winner of Four National Awards

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"An unsettling psychological terror…This is exactly what horror should be."

-Indie Reader Discovery Awards 2021

“A Gothic tale of horror with a touch of fantasy, Roseneath reads like a beloved book from your childhood that you've just rediscovered in your mother's attic. McSwain's prose is poetry, smooth jazz, and oftentimes charming even when describing the darkest terrors.”

 -James Renner, author of The Man from Primrose Lane


Dark and absolutely riveting...flawlessly paced and suspenseful. Roseneath is a winner.”

-The Prairies Book Review


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Running Away From Home

life in the aftermath of a stalker


"I did what any victim does instinctively. I went into hiding. I made myself smaller, in the hopes he couldn’t see me. Well-meaning friends would offer to go with me places, offer to go to places for me. When I decided to do my first author appearance after I won my restraining order, those offers shifted to concern and outrage. Is it safe for you to be in public? What if he shows up? What if he sends someone else and you’re trapped there at your table? What if he follows you home? And I realized that by simply trying to live my life again, I was now seen as reckless, a new set of bars on my cage made by the well- intentioned. All I wanted was to take some small measure of my life back, one tiny thing that was mine against the mountain of things he’d stolen. But the silent -and in some cases not so silent- judgement I encountered made it clear that if in doing so, I somehow antagonized him… well then, the fault was mine." -Dana McSwain

Atherton Review vol. 107

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