"Winter's Gambit is an absolute delight. Every chapter is filled with charming, heart-wrenching, hilarious, and sexy-as-hell, character-driven scenes full of witty dialogue and hot banter. I love Frank and Alex in all of their forms but I found this iteration the most intimate and accessible. McSwain's take on the modern-yet-nostalgic romancing of these two characters is flawless."

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   "The beauty of this series is that each novella can be read as a sexy, sassy, standalone. However, readers who enjoy them in order will delight with each subtle nod to the previous two volumes that are scattered liberally throughout Bangkok Vengeance. In addition to being the longest of the three, this book is also the funniest and most delightfully ridiculous. Pretty much every action-hero/spy movie trope is thrown in, with stunning results. Fatherhood has only improved upon the tough-on-the-outside-quivering-puddle-of-goo-on-the-inside Frank, while motherhood has elevated Alex into the most amazing badass ever. Her one-liners and awesome moves completely steal the show."

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   "Dana McSwain does it again! She twists and turns familiar tropes into the unexpected. A love-sick assassin? Yes, please! Plenty of humor, witty banter, and badass hand-to-hand combat!"

   "Delightful and exciting. Such a fun romantic read with guns blazing. Frank's inner dialogue is worth the price of admission."

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   "I haven't stopped thinking about Frank and Alex since I finished this book (all in one sitting)! Sexy, witty, lyrical, and so, so smart."

   "...a deliciously irreverent romp by a witty author who clearly keeps tongue firmly in cheek."

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