The Frank & Alex Books

"Effortlessly entertaining and raucously funny."

"Nothing about Dana McSwain's style or subject matter reminds me at all of H. P. Lovecraft, but he also wrote a whole bunch of stories about different people running around in the same setting."
"The Frank & Alex books are like Cloud Atlas... with more explosions and guns."

  Saddled with the grim inheritance of a bankrupt Russian teahouse in a Detroit slum, Alex Winters’ life is filled with more misfortune than a Tolstoy novel.

Using her knack for observation and the songs playing on the radio, Alex passes the time by writing quirky backstories for the parade of inner city characters that drift in and out of the teahouse, each one inspired by her love of music.

But all that changes when an enigmatic stranger walks through her door. Tall, dark and grumpy, ex-Marine Frank Brennan’s daily visits to the teahouse defy any plot twist Alex can imagine. Frank’s mysterious behavior leaves her wondering who he really is and why he keeps trying to improve her bleak situation.

But when Frank’s unique brand of tactical chivalry slams head-on into a mob payment gone bad, Alex finds herself on the run in an epic cross-country road trip with a twitchy veteran who acts like his mission objective is to get as far away from her as possible…

…Which would be fine if Alex hadn’t the misfortune to fall hard for the rough-around-the-edges Gunner.

Getting Frank Brennan to admit he feels the same is a risky gambit, but Alex Winters has four days, two thousand miles of road, and a strategy for unconditional surrender that could bring even the most battle-hardened soldier to his knees.

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Frank Brennan has it all. A loving wife, a minivan full of precocious rug rats, a house in the suburbs of Detroit—and a secret past he must protect at any cost. A disavowed double agent on the run from a bloodthirsty Russian mob boss, Frank only has one mission now: fatherhood. But when a family vacation in Bangkok goes horribly wrong and fifteen years of lies catch up to him, Frank has to face something far more terrifying than the twenty assassins hot on his trail: his furious wife, Alex. Abandoned in a Bangkok whorehouse with her children, Alex Winters Brennan, suburban housewife, must come to terms with the fact that the man she loves is not a vinyl siding salesman, but rather a tracksuit-wearing double agent on the run. Thrown into a world she doesn’t understand with nothing but her grit and a borrowed garter to guide her, Alex Brennan must decide if can she forgive the man she loves, or will she demand her own brand of Bangkok vengeance?

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Veteran government spook Frank Brennan has seen it all and done it all. He's assassinated dictators in their hot tubs, sweet-talked Swedish attaches into his bed in less time than it takes to reload a SIG Sauer and works for an organization so secret it doesn't even have an acronym. There's nothing he can't handle with his wit, his mixed martial arts, and his absurdly sexy chest and arms. But while deep undercover as a priest in rural New Hampshire, he runs into something even he can't handle. Alexandra Winters, widowed kindergarten schoolteacher. She's his deadliest opponent yet: charming, saucy, looks great covered in finger paint, makes yellow rain boots look like liquid sex. The kind of woman to make a stone cold killer holster his gun forever. But somehow she's caught up in the job he's been sent to carry out, the job he swore would be his last. And it just might be if Alexandra has her way. Her secrets will make him rue the day he joined the brotherhood and just might get them killed by the Russian mob in the process.

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Veteran action hero Frank Brennan steps out of his commando comfort zone and takes his rugged good looks to the set of a romantic comedy in the hopes of catapulting his tough guy image into an Academy Award. But his trope hopes go sideways when he finds himself booby trapped by Alex Winters, a smart mouthed screenwriter with a penchant for snark. She is the Cold War to his glastnost and quite possibly the yin to his yang. But can these two armed combatants navigate a rom-com minefield and write a new ending to this tired storyline?

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